Sweetcorn Vegetable Soup

Sweetcorn soup was our childhood most  favorite  soup.We used to wait  curiously with our soup bowls while our bro used to  prepare the soup for us..Yes,I learn't to prepare this soup from my bro .And this tastes awesome.
Chings sweetcorn powder-1packet (you can use any)
Sweetcorn in cream style-1 tin
Vegetables-chopped-1cup(I used carrots,beans and spring onions)
Cornflour-2tsp (diluted)

Method :

  1. Boil veggies in cooker or a vessel adding a pinch  of salt.
  2. Dilute sweet corn tin with water as much as needed and the soup packet accordingly.
  3. Keep it on flame ,add veggies along with its stock.
  4. Take a boil,add seasonings and sauce.
  5. Finally add milk and cornflour.(Dilute the cornflour in milk)
  6. Lastly add spring onions and take a small boil.
  7. Relish it hot.