Raja Alle piyavu(Mackerals curry)

Raja or Raju means Mackerel.This is a popular seafood dish of the GSB cuisine.Recipe is same as of Pomfret alle piyavu which I had posted long back.To make it easy I will post the recipe.This dish goes best with Ukde seeth(Boiled rice).

Ingredients for the masala:
Mackerals-6 medium sized, sliced into pieces
Ingredients for the masala:
Coconut-1 1/2 cup
Long Red chillies-7
Short red chillies-5
Tamarind-marble sized
Salt-to taste

Onions-1 chopped very finely 
Ginger- 1"chopped finely
Coconut oil- 2 tsp

1)Fry both the chillies until crisp.
2) Grind all the masala ingredients into a very fine paste.(I ground it in the grinder)
3)Add water to adjust the consistency.
4)Add chopped onions and  ginger to the gravy and take a small boil.
5)Add salt, fish and take a boil.
6)Off the flame.
7)Lastly add coconut oil over the top of the curry.

Tips :
We GSB s fry the red chillies and store it in a airtight container.
Once you add the fish don't put the spatula as the fish might crumble .
You can just turn the vessel by holding the side handles.
You may prepare the same dish with Seer fish,crab,Pomfret,Lady fish,silver fish etc.