Thuppa dosa(Ghee dosa)

Dosa is a common breakfast in the  GSB community.We,GSB's prepare varieties of dosa and I can say we are experts in the making.Dosa is best served with Chutney or sambhar.Even leftover curries will be the best accompaniment.At my Amma 's place dosa s are prepared very often.As a kid I used to dislike dosa,but now after marriage when I had to cook for my family my views changed and I don't mind.Paan polo,mushti polo,maida polo,doddak,thavare idli,phanna polo,kultha doddak,rulama bhakri,surnali,urda polo,paper masala dosa ,Instant Uttapam etc are the few names of dosa's.The list is endless.Polo as in Konkani means Dosa.I found this recipe in my handwritten book,yes each one has their different measurements of dosa so we note down as and when anyone tells.My kids enjoyed this  dosa thoroughly just like a competition in dosa eating and I was really surprised and happy.I served the dosa with leftover mushroom tikka masala.

Split black gram dal(Urad dal)-1/2 cup
Dosa rice-3/4 cup
All purpose flour(maida)-1 1/2 cups
Ghee-to smear the dosa
Salt-to taste


  1. Soak the dal and rice separately in water for 3-4 hours.
  2. Grind it in a blender or a grinder separately.
  3. Mix both the batters together.
  4. Keep it out in the night to ferment  overnight or 5-6 hours.
  5. Transfer the maida in a wide vessel and fill it with water (7-8 cups),see that there are no lumps and let it soak  in water overnight.(Mix the maida with a ladle or use your hands to mix in water)
  6. Next day the maida will be settled down beneath the vessel,carefully discard the water and mix the maida batter to the above dal batter and beat it well.
  7. Add salt to taste,adjust the batter to a medium consistency,not very thick nor thin.
  8. You may add the salt in the dal batter previous night itself.
  9. Heat the tawa,clean it with a wet cloth,and spread a ladle of batter evenly or thinly to a round shape.
  10. Drizzle it with ghee and close it with a lid,after a minute or two,open the lid and flip the dosa to the other side and roast it until crisp and brown.
  11. Everytime you spread dosa wipe the tawa with a clean, wet cloth  so that the dosa gets spread easily.
  12. Relish it hot with chutney and coffee.