How to proof yeast?

Proofing the yeast is a very important  step while you use it in baking.Baking with the yeast was always a disappointment to me as I never got a good brand of yeast.When I told this issue  to my Papa,he came to my rescue and specially requested the bakery people to get it and they did give it to him.And my Papa bought a generous amount of yeast(500 gms) of Prestige brand ,that I can start my own baking business..
                The measurement given below can be used to prepare Pizza base. Now my yeast works so well that I'm confident with the yeast bakes.The brand which I use proofs with cold,lukewarm or warm water.The sight of the frothy yeast mixture made me very happy.I used to be very surprised when I used see  my fellow bloggers  post on yeast proofing.Several times I attempted and failed to proof the yeast.So it is very essential to have a very good  quality and fresh yeast.Divya of easy cooking uses Mauripan  brand.Just have  a look at Nanditha s blog too. Even 'DCL ' a U.A.E brand works superb...Please check my post on Whole wheat garlic pull apart rolls Masala bunKhaliat Nahal.

Water(Lukewarm)-1 cup
Sugar-2 tsp
Salt-3/4 tsp
Instant dry yeast-2 tsp(I used Prestige)


  1. Take a bowl or a glass and pour water in it.
  2. Add salt and sugar and stir it for a minute.
  3. Add the yeast and mix it with the spoon and keep it aside for 5- 8 minutes.
  4. If it is a good quality yeast the water will start to bubble within minutes.
  5. After 5- 7 minutes a layer of foam will be  developed by the action of yeast.
  6. The yeast is proofed.
  7. Always use fresh yeast, don't use old yeast.
  8. If the yeast doesn't proof start from the first step or try to keep it for a long time.