Finger chips tossed with herbs

Finger chips is the most commonly served fast food.They can be savored  anytime day or night.Be it kids or elders,all enjoy and relish it.The first starter which we order after soup in the restaurant, is the finger chips.I like to relish it with tomato ketchup.Any party at our place,I make it a point to prepare this starter.

Cornflour-3- 4 tsp
Mixed herbs-1 tsp
Salt -to taste
Oil -to deep fry

1)Peel the potatoes.
2)Cut it lengthwise like fingers,You may also use the Finger chips chopper.
3)Blanch it in hot water for 3 minutes.
4)Drain it completely .
5)Pat it until  completely dry.
6)Add cornflour till it coats well.
7)Deep fry in hot oil.
8)Toss it  with herbs and spices .
9)Serve it hot with ketchup.