Crackling Spinach

Spinach is a source of Vitamin A.It is rich in iron,calcium and protein.It is a powerful disease fighting antioxidant.Coming back to the recipe first time I ever tasted this dish  was  in Mainland China.And I found this recipe in their website and tried it .It turned  out excellent.   

Spinach-1 bunch or  158 grams
Red chilly-5 grams
Sesame seeds -2 grams
Sugar-5 grams
Seasonings -to taste
Salt   to taste
Oil -as much needed to deep fry 

1. Cut the spinach leaf into julienne (shredded).
2. Wash the shredded spinach and drain the water completely.
3. Sprinkle lots of corn flour on it.
4. In hot oil deep fry the dusted spinach till crispy.
5. Put the fried spinach on an absorbent paper to drain the oil. 
6. Heat wok/pan on a high heat.
7. Saute fresh red chilly.
8. Add the deep fried crispy spinach.
9. Add seasonings (except sugar).  
10.Add sesame seeds and toss till seasoning covers the spinach.
11.Finish it with grain sugar.